The 'Abundance Factor 2.0'

We try our best to keep our promotions as simple as possible, while still achieving great conversions and delivering maximum value to your audience! In a nutshell, we have two lead magnets on the front end, The Movie (The Abundance Factor) and The Webinar (Beyond The Abundance Factor) which both lead into a sales funnel for our flagship program (Abundance University).

The Movie

The Abundance Factor is a 90 minute, inspirational film about how to achieve your dreams, manifest abundance and create happiness!

It includes Personal Development stars like Vishen Lakhiani (Mindvalley), Carol Tuttle, Bob proctor, Dawn Clark, Mary Morrissey, Alexi Panos, Joe Vitale, Shawn Achor, Lewis Howes, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Lynne McTaggart, Dana Wilde, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Margret Lynch, T. Harv Eker, Sean Stephenson, Jairek Robbins (son of Tony Robbins), Mindie Kniss, John Assaraf, Riley Dayne, Sonia Ricotti and Natalie Ledwell (Mind Movies)!

You can watch the film here:

The Webinar

Beyond the Abundance Factor is an online training session (containing over 3 hours of high value content) which features four incredible experts from the film, including Mary Morrissey, John Assaraf, Sonia Ricotti and Natalie Ledwell!

You can watch the training here:

This webinar performs extremely well AFTER the movie. We go beyond the secrets revealed in the film, to give even more value to your audience as well as add 3 incredible surprise bonuses to the previous offer! This things converts like crazy :)


Sonia Ricotti, Mary Morrissey, John Assaraf and Natalie Ledwell

The Program

At the end of each of these pieces of content we make an offer for our flagship program Abundance University, which is a 90 day, transformational program for dreamers!

The product sells for $247.

The program helps students uncover their number goal (something we call their soul goal) and then helps them develop an exact roadmap to achieve it! We've had thousands of students go through the program and the feedback has been incredible!


For all Abundance University Details go here:


We offer a straight 50% commission on all front end products (meaning partners will earn $123.50 per sale) as well 10% of our $97/month group coaching program upsell!

Average EPC (earnings per click) for most partners falls in-between $0.60 - $1.00, depending on the message to market match with your audience. PD list's tend to perform really well, while biz-opp lists tend to perform a tad lower (but still incredibly well!).

Affiliate Signup Link here:

The Funnel

We have designed the funnel to focus around these two really unique content pieces because they do the majority of the selling for us. Our strategy is simple, give as much as we possibly can for free on the front end, so by the time we make an offer on the back end, they've received so much value, that purchasing our program is a no-brainer!


Meet The Stars

Who's in it? The movie is a content packed juggernaut that your audience will LOVE and thank you for recommending!

The film features powerhouse experts such as Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, T Harv Eker, Mary Morrissey, Sonia Ricotti, John Assaraf and many more!


Who is Riley Dayne?

Riley Dayne is an award-winning Canadian Film and TV Writer/Director from Kelowna, BC, Canada. Riley studied film in Los Angeles, CA, at the prestigious New York Film Academy.

He is best known for directing several feature-length documentary's; The Abundance Factor (2015), Age of the Entrepreneur (2019) and Unsinkable (2019).

In addition, Riley has created several online education programs, including Abundance University (a 90 day total transformational program for dreamers) with which he hopes to positively impact 1 million lives by 2025.


Riley Dayne on Set

The Abundance Factor 2.0 Partnership Program

  • Lifetime Cookies - You Get Paid If They Buy Today Or 1 Year From Now
  • Generous Commissions We're Giving You 50% of sales. Plus... we offer a 10% commission on all 2nd tier sales as well
  • Transformation Products With 1000's of students actively participating in Abundance Factor Products - We Know How To Transform Lives For the Better!
  • Enterprise Level Tracking We track all sales and clicks with our customized enterprise class referral tracking systems
  • Full-Time Support Team So you can be confident knowing, that your readers will always get looked after
  • Full-Time Dedicated Affiliate (Partner) Manager
  • Active & Engaged Community We have an active and engaged community that act as product evangelists!
  • Proven Tools & Resources Tested and optimized funnels for maximum conversions
  • Ad Retargeting We retarget your optins across all funnels so-as to offer you multiple touch points for earning a commission
  • Invite Only Program Everyone Is Pre-Qualified, To Ensure We Maintain The Highest Quality Promotional Network. No Spammers or Other Black-Hat Tricks Are Allowed.


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